As you might already have discovered, swimming pools play a big part in the Icelandic culture and here in Neskaupstadur we are fortunate to have a lovely, big, modern, heated, outdoor swimming pool with a few hot tubs, sauna and a couple of big waterslides (for kids of all ages!) - all just a 2 minute walk from the Hotel!


Spend some time making a splash or simply relax in one of the hot tubs and let the warm water soothe your travel-weary bones.


Fully kitted changerooms with lockers, showers, hairdryers - it is even possible to rent a swimsuit and towel should you so require - simply enquire at the swimming pool front desk (or we would be more than willing to phone ahead on your behalf).


Refreshed and relaxed, return to the Hotel for a well-deserved meal, light refreshment or even afternoon tea/coffee and a delicious piece of cake at our Kaupfélagsbarinn Bistro.