This guided tour of Norðfjörður Bay will bring you into completely deserted fjords without another human in sight. First we 
get a beautiful view of Neskaupstaður as we sail under the mountain Nípa and its 600m-high sea cliffs searching for puffins and identifying seabirds. We’ll catch a glimpse of the famous Easter Cave and as 
we cross the bay to Bardsnes, we’ll pass by the beautiful Red Cliffs. Finally we’ll dip into Viðfjörður to hear a ghost story and sail near the abandoned settlement in Hellisfjörður. Your guide will also teach 
you how to spot whales long along the way. If we’re lucky, you might even get to spend some time with a humpback whale! 
The tour finishes off with homemade pastries and hot chocolate.​



Mjöifjörður, with only about 20 permanent  residents, is considered to be the smallest village in Iceland. Formally a whaling station, the town is home to some of the most unique and kindhearted Icelanders you will ever meet. We will depart Neskaupstaður and make our way into the narrow fjord, sailing beneath the massive mountains. Upon docking in the village, we’ll be greeted by a local villager who will offer insights into traditional customs, culture and history of rural Icelandic life. We’ll join the locals for cake and coffee, before returning to our ship and sailing back to civilization. This one-of-a-kind tour is unlike anything in Iceland, and is certain to be a memorable experience for individuals and families alike.

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This exclusive tour is available by request only. Our boat is fully equipped and the fjord is full of cod, haddock & spotted wolffish! Catch your dinner, or release it back into the sea. 

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