The History of the Hildibrand Hotel

From a grand history is born a grand hotel...​


It all started in 1948 when Hildibrandur (aha!) Guðröður Jónsson - the great-grandfather of our very own Hákon! - decided to build a larger premises for the Co-Op in Neskaupstaður, the very same building that now houses our Hildibrand Hotel.  Hildibrandur managed the Co-Op for almost five decades before becoming, in his later years, the CEO of the Icelandic Co-Op Organisation.



The main part of the building was used as a general grocers and the living quarters for the manager and his family.  The Mjólkurstöðin, although housed separately, was a part of the Co-Op and therefore also run by Hildibrandur.  In fact, in one way or another, nearly every member of Hildibrandur's family as well as most of his descendants have worked at the Co-Op.  Which is not surprising that even today most of the employees at the hotel are of Hildibrandur's family line!  We Icelanders are a traditional bunch...


During the 1990's most of the Co-Ops in Iceland went under - including the one here in Neskaupstadur - and for 7 long, sad years the building stood empty until someone had the great idea of converting it into a hotel and filling it with wonderful visitors like you!   



And so we say

"Welcome to the Hildibrand Hotel!

Where we know you will enjoy your stay"