Annual Events


If you're wondering when would be the best time of the year to visit us, have a look at some of our annual events – it's a wonderful way to get to meet the locals and join in the festivities:


December/January: The Icelandics know how to make the dark winter days and nights over Christmas and New Year's Eve special! Come and see the pretty Christmas lights and/or experience the magic of our firework display on New Year's Eve.


January/February:  It is a very special time for us traditional Icelanders. “Þorri” is the name given to the fourth month of winter and we celebrate it with a weekend festival called “Þorrablot” which happens over the last weekend in January and the first weekend in February.


June 1st is the day we honour and celebrate our sailors and seamen. Of course we use almost any opportunity to find an excuse to have a festival weekend and here in Neskaupstadur we have one of the largest celebrations of all the towns in and around Iceland! Loads of fun activities are scheduled for that weekend - bouncing castles for the kids, fishing competitions for both grown-ups and the youngsters, long-boat rowing competitions in the fjord between the crew of the various fishing vessels as well as the likes of tug-of-war and other “skills” are just some of the entertainments on offer. You might even be lucky enough to be invited to go sailing on one of the fish factory's vessels!


July (more particularly the 2nd week of July) offers what is quickly-becoming a world-famous Heavy Metal Festival where our sleepy little village is filled to bursting point with rockers from all over the country and further abroad! 


August (more particularly the 1st weekend of August) is when Iceland honours and celebrates it's shopkeepers (did we mention that we try to make a festival from almost any celebration?) Well, here in Neskaupstadur it has been given the name “Neistaflug” and has become one of the most popular places in Iceland to visit for that weekend. Very much a family-oriented weekend, the residents of Neskaupstadur go all out to decorate the town with banners and flags (and in some other more original ways) in the various colours representative of the 4 areas that the town is divided into for the weekend. Loads of entertainment and, of course, some fireworks make the weekend a special treat!


November - February is the best time to come and enjoy the skiing season and the "days of darkness".  Of course this is also the perfect time to witness the breathtakingly beautiful Aurora Borealis (aka The Northern Lights)!


For the rest of the year the residents of Neskaupstadur quietly get on with their day-to-day lives and if being surrounded by breathtaking, natural beauty and peace and tranquility is what you need this is place to be. However, there is still plenty to see and do while you visit – have a look at our “Activities” page for some ideas of what we have on offer.